Skye went through Puppy/beginner class, and was often used to demonstrate to the others. Now he is in Intermediate ..I think he loves learning anything! 

Definitely the most intelligent dog we’ve ever had….and what a social butterfly…he loves meeting other dogs, is very good with small puppies and children.



Watch this 9-month-old cutie do puppy tricks

"He slept in his crate and did awesome! Whines a little bit since it's bed time and it's awesome because baby sleeps just as good as the puppy haha feeding him is great he did pee a few times in the house so I started going for short walks when he needs to go pee and that has been successful! He knows how to sit. When he sees other dogs he gets so excited so I stop and make him sit and wait till they pass then continue walking. He's awesome with the baby she would cry and he would put his nose on her blanket wondering what was wrong. Wonderful personality love him to pieces!"

"Dear Shirley,
Just want to say hi and tell you that Revy and I are having a good life together! ha ha. Honestly she is amazing. Her personality is really coming out now and she is like having a person around, she is so engaged and interactive. Taking her to work is even easier and better than I thought it would be and she takes pride our routine. She looks out the windshield eagerly waiting to see where we go, settles right down and waits when I inspect, then when I'm done I let her do her own inspection of the exterior and meet my clients.

I'm happy because I know she is having a good life, and she has made my life better.

We start obedience training this week, but she already does everything (sit, down, stay, leave it, heel, plus speak, and shake) Maybe they will teach her to fetch. ha ha. (we both think fetching is dumb) Honestly, I'm doing it just to get to know the trainer so that we can take tracking lessons in the spring.

Yesterday she started running beside me on my bike, and that opened up a whole new world for her! That is going to be a lot of fun for both of us.

At this mornings inspection I decided to challenge her a bit, and told her to "stay" in a shady spot in the yard while I inspected. I could see her most of the time and I was not with clients so it was a good training opportunity. She stayed in that spot; unleashed, for 2 hours waiting for me. Unbelievable for her age don't you think?

She uses one spot in the yard for doing her business and I don't even have to keep an eye on her anymore. I always know when she has gone though because she is proud of herself and comes running to me so I can praise her. ha ha ha.

For all my worry about having a dog in the city she has never been in that crate for over 2 hours. Actually now I put her in there just so she considers it part of a routine, just in case I need to have her in there for some reason. We go to dog friendly cafes, pubs etc. when I go out, but mostly we just go on outdoor adventures. I can not wait for ski season!

And while she is far too distinguished to be a lap dog, she does enjoy sitting on me while I have my morning coffee. LOL.

I have two frustrations; she is a bit of a bully around little dogs, especially my daughters dog, and I haven't a clue how to handle that. And, I have had 3 retired folks from my neighborhood ask if they could walk her. :(What the heck! Not in my wildest dreams will I let her go. I guess that is the ranch girl in me, but no one I know would ever ask someone to ride their best horse and Revy is my best horse.

Thank you again Shirley. I love her." :)


"So Portia went for her first puppy class today, of course we all know she is smart and already almost fully trained at 9-10 weeks old, but class was great to see how smart she really is. The trainer asked us to go around the room and introduce ourselves and when our turn came she knew as she introduced us chatting away, we got to introduce ourselves, when she was done. We clicker train at home so when we were listening to the trainer, Portia was asked to lie down and stay and she lay down crossed her paws and was rewarded for each step and the other puppies jumped, ran to each other and lunging. when asked about house/potty training we are happy to say we have not had any accidents yet And hope not to have any, crate training is working the best. We are just happy, proud puppy parents."


"Hi Shirley, 
We are having so much fun with Cassie (Snow Bear). She's become an integral part of our family! She's wonderful on the trail either hiking or biking and comes with us everywhere, including camping this weekend. She is gentle and kind and a great companion to our daughter. She's very obedient, and a quick learner, she already knows sit, stay, down, and stay. We love her!"


Testimony following soon...


"I have had many dogs in my life time but he is very intelligent and surpasses all other breeds I've had". 


"Beautiful beyond beautiful, just.. nice.. inside & out. Amazing dog... (doesn't know he's so darn good lookin!) Gentle, smart, so loving...he's won over the entire neighbourhood!"


"We just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying Willow. 
She has such a sweet nature. 
Willow has doubled in size in the 2 months we have had her! 
She is also a quick learner! We have Amelia from "Wag the Dog" training coming to the house training us and Willow is learning all sorts of commands and tricks. She loves going for walks and is curious about everything. 
Thanks for breeding such wonderful dogs! "
Joe and Linda


"Praire Wynd's Nova is a real sweetheart. She was potty trained within the first three days and already 'sits'. Today marks the end of our first week with her and we couldn't be happier!"

"Hi Shirley, 
I do not know if you remember us but everyday I think about picking up our tricolour on Jan. The third 1918.He is just the most amazing dog ever.He is the canine George Clooney of the walking trails.I am so protective of him because he is so handsome. 
He loves dogs small or gigantic.Not an aggressive bone in his brain. 
Thank you so much for raising such a marvellous dog. He is amazing! 
I will send the latest picture. 
Hope your summer is going well. "
Bob and Bonnie

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