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Ebony's Story

 A few years ago after we lost our last German Shepherd,

we decided to make a complete change to Collies….the dogs of our youth.

 Isn’t that so true for many of us?  We tend to gravitate back to what

we loved in our childhood!  And of course on the farm, we always had collies.

 Plus, with grandchildren now, we just felt the collies would be the perfect

match for the kids….they love kids.

We looked for several months before finding Ebony on the internet….and fell in

love with her immediately!  We had her shipped out to Seattle and made the trip

down to pick her up.  What an adventure.  She arrived safe and sound alright, but

what a mess the kennel was!  There was this adorable little bundle of joy,

covered in a mess from her long flight…arriving at midnight and trying to find a

suitable place to bath her and clean up the kennel before heading out.

 The airport staff were awesome and allowed me to us one of their bathrooms,

so bath-time it was!  She was wonderful then, and still is!

She has brought such joy into our lives.  Is completely devoted.

 Unerringly obedient…and just beautiful.  Soon after her arrival it was back travelling

by truck to Alberta, so she had to learn to ‘go pee’ on command and she did.


…in 2010 I was encouraged to enter Ebony in the

huge Dog Show inChilliwack, B.C.   Never having

shown any dog before, I took this on with much

trepidation! and no clue as to what was expected

or even if she was worth of showing!  Well, much to

my amazement, she took BEST OF BREED 3 times out of 4!!  and thus has 3 points towards her championship.   Since then I have not had the fortitude to do it again….but you never know, I might just get brave again!  

Sadly Ebony has passed away.




Ebony Pearl getting her St John’s Ambulance Therapy Dogs picture taken… It’s official,  we’re a Team! 

Here she is Best of Breed

1.They are affectionate 

2. They are super loyal 

3. They combine responsiveness, grace, and intelligence

4. They love children

5. They are very sensitive to their owners moods 

6. They are highly sociable animals

7. Collies are easily trained 

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