Our Horses

                               Horses are our passion!

We know as you read more about them they will be yours too.


I have had horses basically all of my life. Being raised on the farm in Saskatchewan….in the 1950s, my dad farmed with horses. At this point he had a couple tractors such as a W4 and a Massey, but we still did most of the farming with time-honored horses. I remember horses pulling the binder and me following, struggling to get all those sheaves into stooks! Then threshing of course, bringing in those sheaves with a team and wagon. It was always a thrill when the men…dad or brothers, would let me ride with them!

Haying was done using the old horse-drawn cutter and rake. I loved to hang onto my dads leg after he cleaned out the barn onto the ‘stone boat’ then off to shovel all that manure onto the fields!

Another fond winter memory is going with my brothers with a

team and hay rack on sled runners, perhaps a mile or so to the hayfield

where they would throw mountains of frozen hay onto the wagon .

Of course the ride home was thrilling… atop a fresh

mountain of hay….cold, but exhilarating!

Needless to say, the love of horses has been an integral

part of our entire lives.

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